Gerald Metroz

Gerald Metroz

Gérald Métroz lost both his legs at the age of two and a half in a train accident at Sembrancher station (Switzerland). After walking for more than thirty years with his prostheses, he then travelled the world in a wheelchair, as an elite sportsman, journalist, manager of professional hockey players, writer, lecturer, singer and musicians. Today, he takes up his pen and gives his voice in this EP entitled “ON” to evoke his childhood, his memories but above all his vision of a world in which he had to, in his own way, tame the codes and contours in order to survive and, above all, to live well there.


Accompanied and supported by a sumptuous team of internationally renowned musicians, Gérald transmits his passion for fine literature through the warm and catchy music written mainly by his composer friends Alain Laeri, Julien Pouget and Jean-Pierre Lamprecht.

Musical background:

  • Classical guitar training
  • Training and singing workshops with Solam Riondel
  • Singing/piano training – Sylvie Bourban’s class
  • Harmonica formation – Bonny B.
  • Harmonica training Greg Zlaps and Joan Pau Cumellas in Rosas (Spain)
  • Lead singer of the group Songshine Trio
  • Lead singer of the group “Les Gars du 9ème”

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