Celtic Legends

Starting in early 2019, Celtic Legends will be embarking on a new tour of Europe with a completely remodelled show under the creative leadership of musical director Sean McCarthy and our talented choreographer Jacintha Sharpe.

The 6 musicians and 12 dancers will perform previously unseen choreography which is as fast-paced as ever, supported by frenetic rhythms drawn from their standard repertoire.

The Celtic Legends were formed in 2001 in Galway, the regional capital of Connemara. This new tour has been christened the “Connemara tour” in homage to this beautiful part of Ireland. The first performance will take place in Belgium in February, and we will then have the pleasure of returning to Switzerland for 6 shows before spending 6 weeks touring France.

We invite you on a new journey to the heart of the Emerald Isle from 20 to 24 February.

Tickets are on sale from rrp communication at: www.rrp.ch, by calling 022 309 00 40 or by e-mailing: info@rrp.ch, in FNAC points of sale and on the FNAC website, as well as on Ticketcorner.

Tickets for people in wheelchairs are sold by the organiser: 022 309 00 40.

The doors and ticket office will open 1 hour before the show

Mercredi 20 février 2019

Théâtre de la Marive
Yverdon-les-Bains – 20H

Jeudi 21 février 2019

Théâtre du Léman

Vendredi 22 février 2019

CTS Bienne

Samedi 23 février 2019

National Theater Bern
BERN – 15H

Samedi 23 février 2019

National Theater Bern

Dimanche 24 février 2019

Théâtre du Martolet