Celtic Legends

Starting in early 2020, Celtic Legends will be embarking on a new tour of Europe with a completely remodelled show under the creative leadership of musical director Sean McCarthy and our talented choreographer Jacintha Sharpe.

The 6 musicians and 12 dancers will perform previously unseen choreography which is as fast-paced as ever, supported by frenetic rhythms drawn from their standard repertoire.

Building on the success of their sensational appearances over the past few years, Celtic Legends is now returning with a brand-new “Swiss Tour” especially dedicated to Switzerland. Don’t miss out on this long-awaited opportunity to admire the Irish troupe in a colourful production that cannot fail to impress!

Join us on a fresh journey of discovery to the very heart of the Emerald Isle from 25 February to 29 February.

Tour-de-Trême - Bulle

National Theater - Bern

Le Martolet - St-Maurice

La Marive - Yverdon

Théâtre du Léman - Geneva

Théâtre du Léman - Geneva

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