Tap Factory

After captivating audiences around the world (in countries including the United Kingdom, Monaco, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, China and the USA), TAP FACTORY returned to the Cigale theatre in Paris for the second time. This clever mix of tap dance, urban dance, percussion and acrobatics is led passionately by a troupe of internationally renowned artists. The result is a powerful cocktail of performance, humour and fantasy − a truly “Chaplinesque” universe which will appeal to all ages.

A factory is a place where things are transformed, combined and developed, making it the perfect setting to host this amazing blend of entertainment. Right until the very last second, the incredibly generous cast gives its all to convey a resolutely positive energy. Powerful beats alternate with more gentle rhythms, pervading and resonating in the minds and bodies of the spectators.

Le Martolet - St-Maurice

Théâtre du Léman - Geneva

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