Would Yves Oggier be Roger Hodgson’s most dedicated and faithful performer? Or was it rather his passion for Supertramp music that gave him the idea of bringing together Valaisan musician friends around the Wildtramp project in 2012? The meeting with Armin “Rick Davies” Venetz will put the final magic touch to this Supertramp coverband project and its now legendary album “Live in Paris 1979”.

After many performances in recent years, Wildtramp has certainly become one of the best cover bands in Supertramp today. Above all, he is one of the only ones to faithfully reproduce the musical and orchestral configuration of Supertramp with his two keyboard singers.

RRP is proud to present Wildtramp’s “Live in Paris 1979” to the Swiss public, for the first time in a major concert at the Théâtre du Martolet in St-Maurice on February 10, 2019 at 5pm.

Tickets for wheelchair users sold by the organiser: 022 309 00 40.

Doors and cash register open 1 hour before this performance

Friday, 13th april 2019

Théâtre du Léman

BERN – 8pm