Rondo Veneziano

Rondo Veneziano

A perfect symbiosis between classical baroque and modern music accompanied by its inimitable acoustic timbre, was born more than 35 years ago, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to Maestro Reverberi’s undeniable passion for classical music and his discovery of Venice baroque.

The repertoire ranges from classical to pop music and unites emotions, fantasy and reality in her pieces.

To date, more than 25 million albums have been sold in Europe alone. A look around the concert halls reveals who the lovers of this very special group are: young, adult and not so young. Everyone is charmed by this atmosphere.

Indeed, thanks to the white and pompous wigs, the pastel-coloured brocade clothes decorated with pearls and rosettes, the scene renews the splendour of this past era. A number of details specify its originality.

Thanks to Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi and the orchestra, composed of 30 musicians including 9 soloists, you will travel through the beautiful Enlightenment period!

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